The “Compass to Healthy Life” Research Complex program

Message from the Program Director

Yasuyoshi Watanabe

Program Director
The “Compass to Healthy Life” Research Complex Program

In the face of pressing issues such as rising health care costs fueled by Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population, and the diminishing size of the country’s workforce, the ability to continue to lead healthy lives and play an active part in society throughout one’s lifetime is a matter of growing importance. The aim of the “Compass to Healthy Life” Research Complex program is to enable people to maximize their health by providing accurate guidance to better maintain and promote health. We seek to create a virtuous cycle whereby local governments, companies, universities, and research institutes work together across organizational boundaries and areas of specialization to generate various types of outcomes that can be translated into business opportunities that, in turn, generate further research questions. Our role is to establish Kobe as a hub that attracts talented people from both Japan and overseas.

Yoshiko Shirokizawa

Executive Director
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

This was the first Research Complex program to be officially accepted under JST’s call for proposals in fiscal 2015 to address the nationwide demand for innovation. Amidst the lively discussion that has already begun in the region, we have high hopes that this program will, as the first of its kind, become an outstanding Research Complex.